"It's through this process that your confident and most vibrant self is created"

HMB Online Training & Nutrition Coaching


  • Effective workouts to Sculpt and Tone your body tailored specifically for your goals

  • Easy to follow Flexible Nutrition Success Plan with delicious recipes along with a personalised meal guide to suit your calorie requirements

  • Weekly accountability & Mindset Motivation Videos & Tools to keep you motivated and on track to reaching your goals

  • 24/7 Email and Messenger support to answer any of your questions that pop up along the way

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Tired,
  • Stressed,
  • Busy being busy,
  • Low self esteem,
  • Overweight,
  • Unmotivated,
  • Unfit,
  • No time for YOU,
  • Lost and no idea where to start
  • Don't like what you see in the mirror?

Don't Worry, There's Hope!

As a busy working Mum, I HEAR you, I FEEL you and I SEE you!
I know exactly what it's like AND I also know that by taking control of your health and wellness will improve all of these areas and more. It's NOW time to put YOURSELF first!

I have been working with many busy Mum's and business woman over the past 7 years with their fitness, mindset and nutrition. By putting themselves first has allowed them to show up as their best version in all areas of life. 

Here's How It Works

After filling out your application and booking a time to chat to discuss your goals and needs, I will invite you to my private training app. Here is where you will find all your videoed training programs, nutrition plans, mindset videos and progress tracking. This is your one-stop-shop for all your health and wellness needs. 

Here's What You Get

Daily Custom Workouts

Easy to follow videoed workouts for you to do in the Gym or in the comfort of your own home.

Don't have a gym membership! No problem at all as we have programs you can do ANYTIME, ANYWHERE to suit your busy lifestyle.

Love the Gym, well we have the perfect programs for you too. 

Whatever your goal, we have the tools to help you achieve them.

Nutrition Plans

Whether you are a structured type of gal or you love flexibility around your nutrition, either way we've got you covered.

As an accredited Sports Nutritionist I tailor your nutrition plans to suit your body and your goals. 

Through your nutrition journey you will learn how to track your macronutrients, fibre and water intake to maximise your results with a flexible approach. 

Weekly Check ins

My role as your coach is to not only keep you accountable to your goals but to also guide you through your transformation process. 

Your weekly checkins and communication with your coach is an extremely important part of the process. 

We will communicate through the app messaging feature each week to check your progress and see how you are tracking in all areas of your journey.


Meet our Queens of HMB Collective
(client testimonials)



Hear from more of our gorgeous HMB Queens

Real women, Real Stories, Real Results

Meet Steph!

I decided mid June to become healthy, stronger and feel more confident about myself. I did research and when I contacted Shellie she is so passionate about what she does and in YOU. She makes herself available 7 days a week for you. She’s honestly not just a personal trainer. She is a true friend, loving companion and just a down to earth person. Every session isn’t just about how well you do, she takes a personal interest in your life and coaches you mentally and physically. It’s amazing because so little goes so far and I could honestly say Shellie has transformed my life in a way I’ve never thought would be possible. Shellie will praise you on a weekly, she will ask and check up on you, she will help in every way possible. 1 thing I love about Shellie is she will push you, and if you slip up, you are accountable and you can get back up and she will HELP you. I highly recommend Shellie to anyone who is looking for a friend, a personal trainer who truely cares and will push you to your fullest potential! Because I can honestly say, I feel amazing every session, like everyday is worth waking up for, like 100 percent! She’s awesome! So much drive and passion in what she does!

Meet Bonnie

Shellie is an absolute godsend, I cannot thank her enough for getting me back into the swing of things!
New to the area and new to proper training- Shellie has taught me so much along the way. One of the most talented and knowledgeable PT’s I have worked with.
Built my confidence up in my body and abilities and I look forward to my session every week. I am forever picking her brain about nutrition, lifestyle balance, and mindset.
It’s so refreshing to have a PT with an open mind, a real understanding of the whole body+mind with such a vibrant and positive attitude towards life!
Encouraging me to do better and not give up and to always be putting one step forward in all things. You will not regret giving her a go, I have already achieved so much and will continue to with our sessions.
I’ve not only gained muscle but a seriously good friend.
Give her a go you will not be disappointed!!!

Meet Mel!

Honestly don’t know where to begin.
I came to Shellie over 9 weeks ago. I was lacking motivation, excitement and structure in my life.
I have huge things happening and I was finding that I was making excuses and eating poorly which was then affecting my overall mental health and physical health.
The overall knowledge, love and support you get along with a great app that has all your workouts and great mindset videos, Shellie truly helps you achieve all those goals you may have been chasing but couldn’t quite achieve on your own.
The meal plans she also provides caters to what your intolerances/allergies and personal food preferences are which is fantastic!
I learn something every single session with Shellie, she really is one of the most down to earth, easy to work with amazing trainer and I am so thrilled that our paths crossed and she has enabled me to kick so many goals!!!

Meet Cass!

Life changing!  Truly can't put into words how Shellie has changed my life. You just don't understand the depth until you work with this girl I've only had one PT session with her but having the app programs and meal plans all done for you makes you feel like you are having PT sessions with her just without the torture haha . Shellie's positive you can do it, no excuses attitude beams through her into you . All I can say is you can come into this purely wanting to change your body but you will leave with so much more, a changed outlook mindset and attitude . I've tried working with PT's before and even signing up to big company's 12 weeks challenges and I have never experienced what Shellie gives . It's not just the tools to sculpt your body it's so so much more . She is one of a kind . 

Meet Mel!

I have been training with Shellie for 5 months now and I am the strongest and fittest I have ever been.

Shellie is the most authentic, committed and professional PT I have ever worked with.

She is my personal cheerleader with an uncanny ability to get me to reach deep inside to achieve goals I would never have thought possible.

If you are lucky enough to train with Shellie you will not be disappointed.

Shellie is the Queen of mastering your health, mind and body 



Meet Angellica!

I'll keep it short because I could go on forever.
As competitor (or not) I find that one of the most important things to look for in a coach is someone who is going to support you 100% of the way, physically and mentally. 
Shellie not only meets this, she goes beyond this.
Throughout my fitness journey, I have had all the support and love that I need from not only Shellie but our tight knit team of wonderful fitness buddies, that have been through it all and some that have just started these lovely people keep me going.
They make it possible.
I can't thank you all enough,
hands down best thing I have ever signed up for.

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