The Story Behind HMB Collective
(Health~Mind~Body Collective)

HMB Collective was created from a passion to help busy women and Mums find that slice of time in their busy lifestyles to give back to themselves. That space to stop, tune in and take some time to fill up their own cup.

To learn that it is not selfish to put themselves first and to love themselves from the inside out whilst building their confidence and a positive relationship with their bodies and minds.

Being a Single mother to 3 kids at the time, I knew first hand what many women were facing. No energy, Lack of Self Esteem, no confidence and little time for myself. 
The more I delved into my own health & fitness journey the more I knew that this was something I wanted to teach other women to do also. I have always had a passion for health and fitness and helping others achieve happiness and success in their lives.

In the first 2 years as a Personal Trainer and competing in Sports Model competitions I quickly came to understand that nutrition and exercise were only 2 ingredients to feeling great and confident, however the missing link I noticed was the mindset. 
By incorporating daily mindset rituals and meditations into my life was a complete game-changer for how I seen myself, what I thought about myself and how I showed up more confidently in my day to day life. I believe training the mind is just as if not more important than quality nutrition and daily movement.  

This is when Health, Mind & Body Collective was born. I knew that in order to be the best version of yourself, you also need to include the power of the mind.

Meet Coach Shellie

Hey there beautiful Queen!

My name is Shellie, I am a dedicated wife and proud Mum of 4, Certified Personal Trainer, accredited Sports Nutritionist and Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner specialising in movement, mindset and health. 

I have been in the Health and Fitness Industry now for 7+ years. I love learning and up skilling myself and my knowledge in all areas to give my clients the best experience possible.

I am extremely passionate and motivated to help women take back control of their health, body and mindset through movement, nutrition and developing a deep sense of self love, self worth & confidence through different mindset training strategies and modalities. 

Myself and my team help women understand how to nourish their body with healthy foods without feeling deprived of the foods they love, develop a love for movement/ exercise and feel energised, confident and beautiful in the skin their in. 

Our vision is to impact and transform the lives of over 500,000 women WORLDWIDE. We truly understand the power of nutrition, exercise and mindset combined and how all 3 pillars can significantly upgrade the quality of your life.

We empower women just like you to create the lifestyle you deserve and reach your health and body transformation goals.

I look forward to the journey ahead with you.


Meet Coach Tami

Hello and welcome!!!

My name is Tami, I am a mother of 3 beautiful children, loving wife, master practitioner in NLP, Time Line Therapy ®, Hypnotherapy, Huna Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer.

Mindset is my passion along with helping women reach their FULL potential and achieving their dreams and goals.

My love for the health and wellness started 8 years ago whilst working in the Anti - Aging industry. Although we were helping women look beautiful on the outside, I always knew deep down that to feel happy and confident you had to start from within.

How did I know this? I too was on a journey to self-confidence and self-love. Through this process I still felt empty within and realised that no amount of Botox, Fillers or Skin Treatments would help me to love what I saw in the mirror.

I was 109kg, I hid in photos and I was emotionally and physically ashamed. Things had to change.

This is when I decided to turn my pain into power and finally commit to taking radical responsibly for myself, my life, my future and my goals……And I’m here to help YOU do the same!!!

I am a firm believer that a true lasting transformation will only happen when you have the correct mindset, nutrition and movement and you are committed and in alignment with who you want to become even if you’re not there yet……
I know with grit, determination, willpower, a loving coach and a SQUAD behind you, you CAN achieve ANYTHING .

My mission in life is to “Inspire, Empower & Enlighten myself and other’s to live an extraordinary life physically, financially and emotionally”

I’m so excited to be on this journey with you to help you discover your true potential.

With love Tam xx

Your Goals are important

Transformation occurs when you decide to make a change to your current situation and take consistent action towards achieving your goals. 
The question is ARE YOU READY?
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